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Do you want to study in the Czech Republic? It is easy with TBS group!

Do you want to study in the Czech Republic? It is easy with TBS group!

We offer a complex qualified and goal-directed assistance in the process of study in the Czech Republic. You can start getting your European education right now!

Czech Republic is a member of the Bologna agreement from 1999; educational standards of the Czech Republic are identical to the standards of the whole Central and West Europe. Besides, from 2011 Czech Republic is a European leader in education with the highest percent of the educated population. They just have a good grasp of the higher education here!

We have already helped to thousands of people to gain their education here and relying on our experience we can claim with certainty that study in the Czech Republic is a synonym for success. Czech state universities offer an education that can make you a specialist at European level. The diploma of the Czech university is a privilege! You can become one of the successful professionals that have graduated from the Czech university and built their career in Europe!

Learn Czech language in the shortest time! The Czech language courses by TBS group are developed specially for foreign students and aimed at the preparation to the higher education in the Czech Republic.

It is very comfortable with us! The process of entering into the Czech university will take the minimum of your time. TBS group cooperates with Czech universities from 2006. We have a good understanding of what we do and we are going to settle all difficulties for you concerning the procedure of enrolling at a university. You do not have to do an office work or communicate with uninteresting people or getting disturbed by boring and ineffective formalities. Spend your time usefully!

We can claim that studying in the Czech Republic can be useful and joyful at once. TBS group helps you to concentrate on the studying and discovering Czech culture and sightseeing. Everything else that can distract you we will take under our control. Write to us now and our specialists tell you everything about what we do to make your life easy.

The prices of our service are adequate and acceptable for businessman, who wants to get a second university degree, as well as for school leaver, who has just finished secondary school and who dreams of free education in the Czech Republic. Contact us now and learn everything about fair conditions we offer. Study in the Czech Republic is an investment in your future, but its results surpass all your expectations!

Register for one of our programs “Study in the Czech Republic” right now! Czech Republic with TBS group - discover pleasure in studying!

We offer:

  • The biggest range of study programs in the Czech Republic with a great variety of prices and duration.
  • Language programs only on the basis of state universities in Brno, that gives almost 100 % guaranty of obtaining a long term visa.
  • A complex of events for the fastest adaptation of students in the Czech Republic.
  • A varied program of excursions, tours and cultural events.
  • Validation (nostrification) of your education gained in your home country¨
  • Optimal variants of enrolling at a Czech university
  • Support for our students for every phase of study in the Czech Republic during the whole first year.
  • Individual approach to every client, high quality of services, unity of price and high quality.
  • Guarantied enrolment at a Czech university.
  • Possibility to postpone payment for some of the study programs.

If you are interested in study in the Czech Republic we will be thankful for all of your questions, wishes and remark that you can send to us by e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or through this contact form.

Study in the Czech Republic is our main profile!